Welcome Message


         Sandalwood, heralded in Sanskrit literature as a tree that possesses unparalled fragrance of this world is disappearing at an alarming rate and there is an apprehension that it may become extinct in near future, unless effective measures are put in place. Recently, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has directed the Government of India to formulate a policy for conservation of sandalwood, including provision for financial reserves for such conservation and scientific research for sustainable use of biological diversity in sandalwood. In this background the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, which a Centre of Excellence for Sandalwood Research is organizing an International Seminar on “Sandalwood: Current Trends and Future Prospects” to be held during February 26-28, 2014 at Bangalore. This International Seminar is being held under the aegis of Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.


          The seminar aims is to bring together scientists, academicians, foresters, NGOs, farmers, sandalwood related industries and other stakeholders to evaluate the state of the art technique in various aspects of sandalwood conservation, management and utilization. The seminar offers inter-disciplinary plenary sessions with invited speakers; and parallel technical sessions on specialized topics after the keynote presentations.


         We consider it a privilege to extend you a warm invitation for your active participation in this seminar. We sincerely hope that your participation in this seminar would help effectively address the topical issues of sandal management. Looking forward to meet you at beautiful campus of IWST, Bangalore.


Dr. V. Ramakantha, IFS

Director, IWST and Chairman, Organizing Committee