Themes and Sub-themes


Theme 1 : Sandalwood across the globe

Taxonomy and distribution

      Present status in different countries
      Culture and heritage values
Theme 2 : Silviculture and plantation management

Seed, Nursery and planting techniques

      Host parasite relationships
      Growth and yield under varying conditions
      Site-specific agro forestry models
      Plantation economics
Theme 3 : Tree improvement and conservation
      Variability in heartwood and oil content
      Biotechnological interventions
      Conservation strategies
Theme 4 : Chemistry of wood and oil
      Chemistry of sandalwood and its extractives
      Allopathy & alternative systems of medicine
      Biosynthesis of oil
Theme 5 : Trade and Commerce
      International trade in sandal wood.
      International treatise/agreements
      Country specific laws, rules and policy issues
      Adulteration and bio-piracy
      Handicraft: opportunities for craftsmen
      Fragrance and flavor
Theme 6 : Trends in protection
      Pest management
      Technological intervention for tree protection
Theme 7 : Experience sharing
      Success/ failure in sandalwood cultivation & Utilization